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☀ - Story about your day.


okay so I got up at like 3am because the cat woke me up I was like cat you need to stop I’m trying to sleep and then he didn’t even leave me room like he was pretending he wanted he’s such a jerk

anyway I went back to bed

and then I got up again because I was ~supposed~ to have work from 8 to 12 so at 7 stepfather drove me to shopper’s world because I was too scared to drive the car also I don’t think I could have gotten out of the driveway our road is like two feet wide right now ugh

anyway so stepfather drove me in to work and I hung out in the starbucks and then it was like 8 and the other shelver showed up and we’re just sitting there like uhh……???? so we sat there until 8.45 when one of the managers showed up to open the store for us

because apparently our manager jen was wrong about when the managers show up on sunday so we were there wayyyy too early

anyway so I shelved religion & social sciences & mystery and then history bio & cultural studies aND Then manga & graphic novels & scifi UGH I LVOE THAT SECTION except graphic novels rEALLY needs to be zoned we have like five shelves but like twelve shelves worth of books I cAN’t and then I shelved fiction & westerns & romance which whatever

I had to help this really awkward boy and his weird glare-y girlfriend find watchmen because it was on the staff rec bay

but he was like so awkward about it like “I need to find this book? it’s called the watchmen? do you work here?” sigh sigh no I’m just hauling around this cart of books for my health young sir also you can’t find it because you searched THE watchmen and it’s called WATCHMEN and it’s a cOMIC not a bOOK I’m just angry I hate people

anyway and then mom and stepfather came and picked me up and we went to target and got cheese and jalapeno poppers and then we went home and made food and I love food so much and I ate so many jalapenos because ugh delicious spice

and then I lazed around and took a nap and then my dad was like hey do you want me to come get you tonight instead of tomorrow and I was like okay and then he did and I’m in maine now yay the end

that was long I apologize

♕ - Top 5 celebrity crushes?

hhhhh fine

  1. Kris
  2. Himchan
  3. GTOP
  4. Zelo
  5. Sehun

ugh are you happy

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